About the Ice* Amsterdam foundation

The Ice*Amsterdam foundation is formed by Dick Keser (chairman) and Pim Pronk (secretary). Dick Keser is active in ice rinks and snow rinks since 1998. From 2002 Dick started his own business "Swedice Ice&Snow Technology". Since 2000 Swedice builds ice rinks all over the world. Swedice operates globally with Ride, Slide & Glide concepts en related attractions: from ice rinks for sports to slides on the beaches of Brazil! Since 1999 Dick and Pim are working together. From that moment on it was their dream to realize the ultimate ice rink! Pim Pronk also has been active in ice rinks for years and exploited in 2001 and 2002 the ice rink at the Museumplein. After that he started a couple of restaurants like a beautiful beach bar in Scheveningen and Parkbeach Zomers in Amstelpark.

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ICEFLOO system

This is a revolutionary energy saving ice rink system based on aluminum panels. The rink system is developed by Swedice Ice & Snow Technology. The system has the properties of a permanent rink with the advantages of a mobile ice rink with at least 25% less energy consumption. The "ICEFLOO" rink has a better transfer of refrigeration technology because of the flat aluminum top and therefore it needs less ice. Because of the thin ice layer the energy savings are huge and therefore less CO2 emissions. The recovery of the rink after heavy raining is even twice as fast.