Ice craving at Ice Amsterdam!
Ice sculptures are made with clear blocks of ice which are shaped into a whatever you can create. With a hammer, a chisel, sanding tools you will be carving your own creation and having a lot of fun.
At the start of the event we will choose a suitable (fun) theme. Step one, draw your basic design on a sketchpad. Step two, gloves on and get stuck in! You will sculpt in groups of 2 or 3 persons, depending on the size of the group.
It’s possible to start the event off with a welcome drink or shot from a glass made of ice.
A nice workshop wich you can combine with a Christmas or New Year’s dram.

Reservation is required!
On our website you can find an application form if you go to info & boeken. When you’re done, Be There Events will contact you about the tender and invoice.

Price overview Ice craving

Ice craving 10 to 25 persons (2 per ice block) € 29.50 p.p.
Ice craving 25 to 50 persons (2 per ice block) € 28,50 p.p.
Ice craving 50 or more persons (2 per ice block) € 27,50 p.p.

The above mentioned prices are exclusive of VAT.

For more information about possibilities and prices, visit

Pay attention! This activity isn’t suitable for childern’s parties.