Skating is a Dutch centuries-old tradition. Recreational, on frozen puddles and ditches; sports in stadiums and along eleven cities. From 1887 to 1937 there was a natural ice rink of several thousand square meters with even a permanent club building on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. After this, it became quiet on the square during the winter. Until this Dutch tradition was reinstated in 2000. An ice rink was installed by the municipality. Since 2013, the Ice*Amsterdam Foundation has been established in collaboration with the municipality. Ice*Amsterdam’s skating rink uses the latest innovative techniques. The Ice*Amsterdam foundation believes that skating should be done on the Museumplein, for fun and conviviality. In a time of speed and volatility, we are going back to basics, to carefree fun, for young and old.       

The Ice*Amsterdam foundation is a non-profit organization with an unpaid board. Our aim is to bring back ice skating and atmospheric winter activities on and around the Museumplein in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam. We are there for the neighbourhood, the Amsterdammer, the Dutchman and the international tourist. In addition, she supports social and/or cultural goals for the municipality of Amsterdam. The foundation is open to new initiatives.

The Ice*Amsterdam Foundation